Tuesday, 9 July 2013

India's Extreme Martial Arts


 Master Deepak Mali
Nothing anything without practice, Fallow your passion, then success always come with you...! 

 Deepak Mali (born July, 1989) is a martial artist, freerunner, fire stuntman, coach, and  India's Extreme Martial Arts demo performer from Maharashtra, India. and post graduating at Pune University in 2013 MCA(Science) Degree. Founder of India's Extreme Martial Arts which is fusion of martial arts, acrobatics and gymnastics, It includes open hand and weapons choreography are often accompanied by dramatic dance or programmatic music. The goal is to command the attention of the audience.

Inspired by Tony Jaa, In his teenage years, He started training in his village mountain. After few year he trained in the Taekwondo martial art of Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters( TBI ) and he developed his style by adding his own freerunning movements to the martial arts techniques he learned.
He was a 1st Degree Black Belt and incorporated Martial-Arts-Tricking and Freerunning
. He is working as self defense Mission Prahar Instructor with Grandmaster Shifuji.
Kyusho International member in 2011 and 2012 as Study Group Leader (Maharashtra). Techniques of attacks on pressure points are called Kyushu-justu.

Master Deepak Mali's other activity :-
  • He is professional fire poi fire poi performer, generally performed in individual and group choreography at cultural events.
  • Martial Arts Weapons Skill : Bo Staff Expert (Traditional/Extreme), Freestyle nunchaku, Sword.
  • Shivkalin Mardani Khel (maharashtrian old martial arts)
  • Performing in various stage stunt shows.
  • Member of climbing wall and wild trekking group.